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Notation knife - - very cool.

Do you know what the above thing is? Do you pay attention to the art that is around you every day? Yes, we can include the drawings the kids did that are proudly displayed on the 'fridge. Yes, we can even include your bedazzled cell phone case. But what about the fullness of life moments that art supplies us with that we often overlook? Deep...I know.

The above object is what is called a "notation knife". It is a serving knife (hence the point on the end) that has a benediction engraved on one side and a prayer of grace on the other side. As it was used, the server would sing/present the benediction and the prayer of grace during a meal. Weaving beauty, talent, function and craft together with everyday life. Taking the blessings of this world and placing them into one moment. We don't really do this anymore. Sure the sleep light on your MacBook is set to pulse at a rate that mimics normal human breathing, but for the most part entire neighborhoods are crafted from cookie cutters with only the garage flipped or color swapped. It's hard to tell one SUV brand from another etc... Character in an object is an overpriced novelty add-on, or it is so customizable that it becomes trite. We all surround ourselves with things that are simply cool to look at. But every now and then ask yourself how that thing affects you beyond the visual. Is it nostalgic? Emotional? Spiritual? Visceral? This moment of introspection will help us see the thing, and ourselves, a bit clearer. If you dig the knife. Here is a deeper look:

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