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A Tale of Slowing Our Roll...

Ladies and Gentleman, Boys and Girls, and yes, you over there. Herein you will find snippets of creative musings and amusings that scroll across my brain via pop culture, the internet, social media and daily life. I'm a firm believer in the creative capacities of everyone (it's in there, it just may not be where you think or want it to be). Creativity has NOTHING to do with being able to draw, or paint, or playing an instrument or....blah, blah, blah. It CAN...but it does not have to. It is a mindset. One we were born with, explored freely, were encouraged to participate in...and then something happens. So I'm here to help the masses get it back. Look for examples, thoughts, hopes, and collections here. So to start it all off...a topic we all carry around in our pocket?

A new app came out recently to intentionally SLOW US DOWN. Camera, camera, camera, snap, snap, snap. Hurry, someone post it to facespace, snaptwit, instaface or flickface....Take 14 seconds and look at your phone and see how many photos you have on it. Egad! (I have 150 currently) This app only allows you to take 24 photos every 12 hours and you have to wait up to 3 DAYS to be able to see them! How cool is that? WHY you ask? Because you better make them count. A quick story : I had a colleague contact me a few years back saying they had an advisee who "was really interested (and prolific) at photography" and that I should talk to them about our photo classes. I agreed, told the student to bring by a sampling of their best images and we could talk. A few days later in walks in the student with a 1TB hard drive with 10,000 photos on it. My first hope was for a folder hid therein with 10-20 of their best. Nope..."they are all my best". Shoot for quality over quantity and the rest can be trashed. There is something therapeutic about this process. It's encouraging. It requires focus and decision making that engages thinking beyond swipe left/right. It provides a chance to seek things out. And willingness to seek things out is one of the first steps to being creative.

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