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Color Me Curious...

Happy Christmas everyone...Hope all are well and safe and warm. Let's talk color. Soooo subjective. I once knew a person who only wore red, black and white or combinations of those colors. Red. Black. White. Then I have to teach color theory in design classes. All of the color schemes and day upon day of "is this the right color"? For me...any color can go with any color if you are strategic about it. (But I don't tell them that).

But what about color symbolism? WHY white on a wedding day? (Yes, we know the history) WHY blue on a barber pole (it's for the bloodletting...yeah). WHY yellow for cowards? And what about all these same colors in TimBuk 3? Something totally different more than likely. So when you see a color, wonder what's behind it. Bet you it's more than basic red, black, and white.

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